Cigar detective is the brainchild of experienced cigar industry veterans.

We aim to offer something special to both seasoned cigar aficionados and newcomers. We're changing the market by combining small-scale, high-quality, and artisanal cigar-making with affordability.

We strongly believe in our mission to gather top-notch cigars and highlight the amazing factories that make them.

Our deep industry connections allow us to get the best tobacco and cigars from renowned factories around the world, offering top quality at the most accessible prices.

We understand the desire for top-notch cigars with attractive branding without the hefty price tag. Our goal is to create exceptional cigars at great value, as we like to say: "Good cigars. Great prices. "

Our team engages in a detailed process of blend development with our partner factories and intricate branding.

We visit the factories, deep dive into the profile we are trying to achieve, give these brands life through a visual identity, and finally let the cigars age until they are ready to be enjoyed by our friends and customers.

We work with the best tobaccos on the planet and sacrifice our margins to enable affordability, allowing more people to access these high-quality products that would be otherwise much more costly with different branding and multi-leveled retail structure.