Understanding Cigar Rings: Purpose and Significance

Understanding Cigar Rings: Purpose and Significance

What is a Cigar Ring?

A cigar ring, crafted from paper or foil, encircles the body of a cigar, serving as a distinctive marker of its brand or type. While various legends surround its origins, contemporary historians attribute the invention of the cigar band to Gustave Bock, a European immigrant to Cuba, during the 1830s.

Should You Take the Ring Off a Cigar?

Cigar Detective - Should You Take the Ring Off a Cigar?
Never remove the band on a cold cigar. As they expand, cracks and tears begin to appear, detracting from the enjoyment of your smoking experience. For some, leaving the band intact may seem like a display of aristocratic flair. However, it's prudent to pause and reconsider. Removing the band immediately isn't necessary. In fact, it's advisable to wait until you've progressed into your cigar-smoking session before removing it.

Cigar Bands Aren't for Smoking

To all the beginners dipping into the world of cigars, here's a quick clarification: smoking the band is a no-go. While a cigar's band will eventually burn during your smoking session, it's typically made of paper or foil, adorned with delicate designs and vibrant hues – definitely not the stuff you want to light up. Feel free to keep the band on while you indulge, but leave the smoking to the cigar itself.

The Wrapper is Susceptible to Tearing if Handled Carelessly
Understanding Cigar Rings - Cigar Bands

Exercise caution when removing the band from a cold, unlit cigar as it could lead to tearing the wrapper. However, there's an exception to this rule: if the band is placed on the foot of the cigar, it's best to remove it before lighting up. In such cases, delicately slide the band off to avoid any damage.

Allow the Band to Loosen Naturally

Cigar bands are affixed using a dab of gum Arabic, or cigar glue, applied to the back portion of the band. While the glue isn't intended for direct contact with the cigar's wrapper, it's not uncommon for a minute amount to spread onto the leaf upon application. Consequently, removing the band prematurely may result in unintentional tearing of the wrapper, adversely affecting the cigar's burn and draw, or causing the wrapper to unravel, rendering the cigar unsmokable.

To avoid such mishaps, it's advisable to leave the band on and smoke the cigar for a while before attempting to remove it. As the cigar heats up during smoking, the gum on the band gradually loosens. Once the cigar is adequately warmed, usually when the lit end is approximately an inch away from the band, the band can be gently peeled off without causing damage. This natural loosening process ensures a smooth removal without compromising the cigar's integrity.

Is it Acceptable to Smoke a Cigar Beyond the Band?
Cigar Detective - Cigar Ring - smoking a cigar beyond the band

While it's technically feasible to continue smoking a cigar beyond the band, it's advisable to remove the band if you plan on smoking your cigar until the very end. As previously mentioned, cigar bands are typically crafted from paper, foil, and ink, which will indeed burn when exposed to flame. However, the resulting taste and aroma are often undesirable. To prevent this, remove the band when the lit end of your cigar is approximately an inch away.

The final inch or two of a cigar, known as the "nub," tends to be the hottest and most concentrated in flavor. Proceed with caution during this phase. Many aficionados relish smoking a cigar down to its nub, as the flavors intensify dramatically towards the end.

Cigar Detective - Our Objective

Understanding Cigar Rings: Purpose and Significance

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