Cigar Detective -  Types of Cigar Wrappers at Cigar Detective

Types of Cigar Wrappers at Cigar Detective

Cigar Detective is the creation of seasoned veterans from the cigar industry. Our mission is to provide a distinctive experience that caters to both long-time cigar enthusiasts and those just beginning their journey. By combining small-scale, high-quality, and artisanal cigar-making with affordability, we're revolutionizing the market. Our mission is to gather top-notch cigars and highlight the amazing factories that produce them.

Our deep industry connections allow us to procure the best tobacco and cigars from renowned factories worldwide. We understand the desire for premium cigars with attractive branding without the hefty price tag. Our goal is to create exceptional cigars at great value, encapsulated in our mantra: "Good cigars. Great prices." This philosophy drives our efforts to make high-quality products accessible to a broader audience.

Our team is committed to a meticulous process of blend development with our partner factories. We visit the factories, dive deep into the profiles we aim to achieve, and give these brands life through a distinct visual identity. Our cigars are aged to perfection before they reach our customers. By working with the best tobaccos on the planet and sacrificing our margins, we ensure affordability without compromising quality. This enables more people to enjoy premium cigars that would otherwise be significantly more expensive.

Types of Cigar Wrappers at Cigar Detective

Types of Cigar Wrappers at Cigar Detective

At Cigar Detective, we offer a diverse range of cigar wrappers, each imparting unique characteristics and flavors to our cigars. Understanding the different types of wrappers can enhance your cigar-smoking experience. Here's a breakdown of the wrappers we use and the cigars that feature them.

Habano Oscuro

Wrapper: Habano Oscuro
Cigar: Whitehawk Habano
The Habano Oscuro wrapper is known for its rich, dark color and robust flavor. It provides a bold smoking experience with notes of pepper, earth, and cocoa.

Habano Oscuro & San Andres

Wrapper: Habano Oscuro & San Andres
Cigar: Whitehawk Tiger
This blend combines the depth of the Habano Oscuro with the smooth, earthy tones of the San Andres wrapper, resulting in a complex and satisfying smoke.

Connecticut Ecuador

Wrapper: Connecticut Ecuador
Cigar: New Moon
The Connecticut Ecuador wrapper is light in color and mild in flavor, offering a creamy and smooth smoking experience with subtle hints of nuts and sweetness.

Corojo Rosado

Wrapper: Corojo Rosado
Cigar: La Panthere
Corojo Rosado wrappers are prized for their reddish hue and medium to full-bodied flavor profile. They deliver a balanced mix of spice, sweetness, and cedar notes.

Corojo 99

Wrapper: Corojo 99
Cigar: Corduroy Dreams
The Corojo 99 wrapper provides a spicy and aromatic profile, offering a complex blend of cedar, earth, and pepper flavors that evolve throughout the smoking experience.


Wrapper: Corojo
Cigars: 1. Eternal Flower, 2. Habibi
Corojo wrappers are known for their full-bodied flavor and intense spice. They provide a rich and flavorful smoke with notes of leather, earth, and pepper.


Wrapper: Connecticut
Cigar: Honey Badger Connecticut
The Connecticut wrapper is renowned for its light, golden color and mild flavor. It offers a creamy, smooth smoke with hints of nuts and butter.

Nicaraguan Maduro

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Maduro
Cigar: Honey Badger Maduro
Nicaraguan Maduro wrappers are dark and oily, providing a rich, sweet, and bold smoking experience with notes of chocolate, coffee, and spice.

 Wrapper Types & Cigar Flavor Profiles

Cigar Detective -  Wrapper Types & Cigar Flavor Profiles
Wrapper Type Cigar Name Flavor Profile
Habano Oscuro Whitehawk Habano Rich, dark, robust with notes of pepper, earth, and cocoa
Habano Oscuro & San Andres Whitehawk Tiger Complex blend with depth, smooth, earthy tones
Connecticut Ecuador New Moon Light, mild, creamy with hints of nuts and sweetness
Corojo Rosado La Panthere Reddish hue, medium to full-bodied, balanced spice, sweetness, and cedar notes
Corojo 99 Corduroy Dreams Spicy, aromatic, complex blend of cedar, earth, and pepper
Corojo Eternal Flower, Habibi Full-bodied, intense spice, rich with notes of leather, earth, and pepper
Connecticut Honey Badger Connecticut Light, golden, mild, creamy with hints of nuts and butter
Nicaraguan Maduro Honey Badger Maduro Dark, oily, rich, sweet, bold with notes of chocolate, coffee, and spice

By understanding the variety of wrappers available, every type of user (new inside the cigar lifestyle of expert smoker) can better appreciate the nuanced flavors and experiences each type offers. At Cigar Detective, we take pride in our selection and aim to provide exceptional cigars that cater to diverse preferences, ensuring a memorable smoking experience for all.

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