Cigar Detective - A Taste of Excellence - The World of Ultra Premium Cigars

A Taste of Excellence: The World of Ultra Premium Cigars

Cigar Detective, more than just creating and providing premium cigars, is pleased to also guide you through experiences within the cigar lifestyle world. We are leaders of change in the market, representing high-quality work, and by combining quality with craftsmanship, we also offer access and pricing that make a difference for those seeking to live superior quality experiences.

Our goal of offering cigars has been fulfilled by relying on experienced bases of expert manufacturers who work with the best tobacco and cigars from renowned factories around the world. Our catalog includes premium and ultra-premium cigars.

We were able to establish outstanding connections with the most respected factories worldwide. We collaborate with cigar manufacturers located in the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and other nations that are well-known for producing the finest cigars globally. 

Premium Cigars VS Ultra Premium Cigars

A Taste of Excellence: The World of Ultra Premium Cigars


 Premium cigars, ultra premium cigars, what's the difference?

  • Premium cigars are produced by hand, are heavier and larger than "small" or "little" cigars, and do not include filters or tips.
  • Besides being handmade, premium cigars usually have lengthy filler tobacco. The core portion of the cigar is called filler tobacco, and long filler is the term for whole tobacco leaves that run the full length of the cigar. Their appearance, flavor, scent, and burning qualities are all carefully considered during the selection process. Remaining outside scraps are sometimes used to make non-premium cigars, which can be manufactured by machine or by hand.
  • Premium cigars usually contain tobacco leaves of the highest caliber that have been grown in the best growing locations of the leading tobacco-producing countries. To create more intricate and subtle flavors in the finished product, these leaves are frequently matured for a number of years. Comparing this exacting technique to other cigars that might employ tobacco of a lesser caliber often yields a smoking experience that is richer and more nuanced.
  • While it's not a hard and fast rule that a cigar that costs more is necessarily better than one that doesn't, it is generally accepted that premium cigars are more expensive than non-premium ones because of the labor-intensive methods and raw materials needed to make them. The grade of the tobacco used in premium cigars is one of the primary causes of price variations. The tobacco leaves used to make premium cigars are frequently picked, cultivated, fermented, and aged with great care. A cigar's price is increased by this labor-intensive procedure. On the other hand, the majority of non-premium cigars are produced faster and using more affordable materials. 
  • Before being introduced to the market, premium cigars are sometimes made in small batches and may undergo lengthy aging. Premium cigars, such as the Cohiba Behike and Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Eye of the Shark, are distinguished by their rare tobaccos, restricted availability, long age period, and outstanding quality. 
  • Because they are a product of agriculture, premium cigars must be handled with the utmost care to ensure consistency in taste and quality. An unfavorable growing season can change the quality of a crop and the tobaccos needed to make a particular cigar. Proper execution takes time because experienced cigar producers understand that a product cannot be released onto the market if its quality and flavor profile do not meet expectations. The ultimate aim is to produce premium cigars that constantly fulfill a specific flavor profile that customers have been accustomed to. Because there are only a limited number of each premium cigar available, demand may outpace supply.
  • Premium cigars are generally favored by aficionados who value finer things in life since they are frequently linked to elegance and sophistication. Every element of a premium cigar, from the elaborate bands and sophisticated packaging to the nuanced flavor profiles and seamless draws, is created to offer a sophisticated and opulent smoking experience. While a nice smoking jacket and a $700 J.T. Dupont lighter are certainly not necessary, there is something luxurious about premium cigars, which is why they are frequently saved for special occasions.
Premium Cigars
Non-Premium Cigars
Production Method
Can be machine-made or handmade
Size and Weight
Larger and heavier
Smaller and lighter
Filters or Tips
May include filters or tips
Filler Tobacco
Long filler (whole leaves running the full length)
Often uses scraps or shorter filler
Tobacco Quality
Highest caliber from best growing locations
Lower quality, faster production methods
Aging Process
Frequently aged for years for intricate flavors
Shorter or no aging process
Generally more expensive due to labor-intensive methods
More affordable due to faster, cheaper production
Batch Production
Often produced in small batches
Cohiba Behike, Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Eye of the Shark
Various mass-market brands
Handling and Care
Requires careful handling to ensure consistency
Less stringent handling
Market Introduction
Undergoes lengthy aging before market introduction
Faster to market
Demand and Supply
Limited availability, demand may outpace supply
More readily available
Consumer Base
Aficionados valuing elegance and sophistication
General smokers
Luxury Appeal
Associated with luxury, often saved for special occasions
Everyday use
Packaging and Presentation
Elaborate bands, sophisticated packaging
Simpler packaging

Ultra Premium Cigars

Cigar Detective - A Taste of Excellence - The World of Ultra Premium Cigars
  • In the world of cigars, ultra premium cigars are the height of luxury and are sought after by both enthusiasts and collectors. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these fine cigars boast unparalleled quality and refinement, setting them apart from all others.
  • Super premium cigars are based on one essential component: the tobacco used in their production, which is of the highest caliber. To ensure outstanding flavor, a captivating scent, and overall quality, only the finest tobacco leaves are used in the laborious crafting of each of these cigars. These leaves, which are known for producing tobacco of unmatched quality, are commonly grown in specific areas of Cuba or the Dominican Republic.
  • Exotic cigars are distinguished by their excellent craftsmanship. Most of these cigars are hand-rolled by skilled craftspeople who are knowledgeable about the traditional methods of cigar production. This is a complex procedure that involves the thoughtful selection and arrangement of tobacco leaves in order to guarantee a smooth, even burn and a consistently enjoyable flavor profile during the smoking experience.
  • Ultra premium cigars are distinguished by their production's steadfast adherence to history and legacy. These exquisite cigars, which have been passed down through the generations of cigar makers, are made with tried-and-true processes and procedures, ensuring that each and every one is a monument to the best caliber and craftsmanship.
Aspect Ultra Premium Cigars
Luxury Level Luxury Level is the pinnacle of luxury in the world of cigars.
Consumer Base Coveted by aficionados and collectors
Craftsmanship Crafted with meticulous attention to detail
Quality and Refinement Boasts unparalleled quality and refinement
Tobacco Used Highest caliber tobacco
Tobacco Growing Regions Commonly grown in specific areas of Cuba or the Dominican Republic
Flavor and Scent Outstanding flavor and captivating scent
Crafting Process Laborious crafting process
Hand-Rolled Most are hand-rolled by skilled craftspeople
Traditional Methods Uses traditional methods of cigar production
Smoothness and Consistency Ensures a smooth, even burn and a consistently enjoyable flavor profile
Historical Adherence Steadfast adherence to history and legacy
Generational Craftsmanship Passed down through generations of cigar makers
Production Techniques Made with tried-and-true processes and procedures

Every cigar brand in our collection has been thoughtfully envisioned, meticulously sourced, and expertly developed by our team to meet the diverse desires and demands of the market.

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